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What is the ideal water hardness level?

Most people know that drinking hard water is harmful to health. Apart from this, it can cause limescale accumulation in water pipes. As a result, the flow of water becomes disrupted, and the lifespan of appliances also decreases considerably. In every household, water hardness levels can be different. So if you are wondering about the ideal hardness level of water, you are on the right page.

In this article, we are going to find out how the water hardness level is measured. We will also talk about the acceptable levels. Besides, we will also answer some common questions related to this job subject.

What is Hard Water?

Water hardness is asked by some specific elements inverter, such as calcium and magnesium. If tap water contains a lot of these dissolved minerals, the hardness level will be even higher. If you notice a lot of scum while washing something with soap, know that your water is hard water. Unlike soft water, you will need a lot of water and soap for cleaning things.

How to Test your Water for Hardness?

If you want to test your tap water for hardness, you can use a lot of methods. Based on the level of accuracy required, you may want to go for the right method. Let's talk about some of the methods.

Here is a simple method: You can mix one teaspoon of this soap into a plastic bottle containing water. Afterward, you should tighten the lid and give the bottle a nice shake. If the water creates a soft film of slime, no that you are dealing with hard water.

Another method is to use a do-it-yourself water hardness kit. All you need to do is dip this stick in the water. Then you should take a look at the trip to measure the water hardness level.

Test Strips

You can also contact a certified delivery to have your water test tested. With this approach, you can get accurate readings. Generally, water hardness level is measured based on parts per million grains per gallon. Let's get a deeper insight into these methods.

How can you measure Water hardness?

Grains per gallon is another indicator of water hardness. Therefore, if you get your water tested at home, the test results will be given in grains per gallon. And this is one of the most common methods to measure water hardness levels.

The majority of water softeners are based on grains per gallon, which is the indicator of their grain capacity. For example, 1 grain is equivalent to 17.14 PPM. The grain capacity of most water softeners is between 20,000 and 80,000.

Parts per Million (PPM)

PPM refers to the amount of dissolved magnesium and calcium in the water. Therefore, if your tap water hardness is 1 PPM, it means that one million units of water contain one unit of magnesium and calcium. Besides, hardness is also shown in milligram per litre or mg/l.

Water Hardness Scale

Given below is the water hardness scale, which will help you compare your readings with the national average.

What are the Acceptable Levels of Water Hardness?

Generally, water with a hardness level between 3 and 7 grains per gallon is considered slightly hard and acceptable. However, iI if you experience problems such as dry skin and spots on your utensils, you can easily treat your tap water to prevent limescale problems and other issues.

If you feel that your tap water is overly hard, you can treat your tap water. According to experts, even if low level of calcium and magnesium can reduce your water quality.

What is the Ideal Hardness level?

If the hardness level age up to 3 grains per gallon, it is considered soft water. In this situation, you don't need to treat your tap water. However, if you want to purchase a water softener, know that the devices can reduce calcium and magnesium levels. After treatment, the reading will be e below 3 grains per gallon.


What is the best treatment for hard water?

If you are sure that your tap water is full of magnesium and Calcium, you may want to find a way to soften your drinking water. If you're looking for an easy solution, we suggest that you invest in a quality water softener. This type of device used is an Ion exchange method in order to eliminate dissolved minerals.

Compact water softeners

Another alternative water softener is an effective conditioning unit. With these systems, you can transform calcium carbonate into crystals, which helps prevent the formation of scale. Many people go for this option because these units don't require salt.

Do you need to soften your tap water?

It all depends on your personal preferences. However, if you have problems with your water quality, you may want to take some necessary steps. For example, if you have problems such as hard water deposits, dry skin and hair, and soap scum, want to invest in a water softener.

Similarly, if you are water heaters have lost their efficiency of your washing machine does not seem to work properly, we suggest that you invest in a water softener. With these devices, you can make your appliances more efficient and solve the problem of skin and hair dryness.

Is hard water really a series problem?

Limescale is one of the biggest reasons why you need to trade your hard water. Limescale consists of calcium carbonate minerals that may cause significant damage to your plumbing system, pipes, and fixtures.

Limescale accumulation

Due to limescale build-up, the flow of water in the pipeline will be negatively affected. In the end, your pipelines will become clogged with limescale. And you will have to replace your pipelines to Resume the flow of water.

If you invest in a water softener, you can remove these limescale-inducing minerals. As a result, your pipelines will stand the test of time and won't need to be replaced that year.

Is hard water considered unhealthy?

If you drink hard water on a daily basis, it won't be e dangerous health. As a matter of fact, your body needs calcium and magnesium for a number of reasons. So we can say that hard water is actually beneficial for your health.

As long as you stick to a varied diet, soft water will be equally healthy for you. So you may want to keep this point in mind if you want to purchase a water softener for your home.