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Springwell Whole House Water Filter System Review [2021]

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

Springwell Whole House Water Filter

To some residents, having treated water in the house is a luxury. The changes in infrastructure, rising water pollution cases, and existing water contaminants lead to better protection measures when it comes to water. For maximum protection, there is a need for filtration systems at home.

The Springwell water system is among the best filtration systems and the ultimate solution to drinking water and hygiene. This system meets all your filtration needs in the house, and it's significant due to the technology incorporated in its design.

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The Springwell filtration system uses effective technology to give purely healthy water with the best taste. Accessing clean water directly from your tap is a luxury you wouldn't want to miss out on at home. Read on to learn about the Springwell Water System Review, features of this filtration system, and its capacity for filtering water.

Springwell is among the best water system because the unit removes all contaminants in the water. It can eliminate herbicides, dust particles, chloramines, chlorine, pesticides, and other chemicals from drinking water. This leaves your water free of all contaminants and ready to drink.

How it Works

It uses a mechanism with four stages, and it has two tanks for eliminating contaminants from the water. The design of this filtration system is quite different from other systems nowadays. The design is unique; hence it adds value to the system giving you the best drinking water. Read on to find out how these stages operate:

How SpringWell's 4 stage filtration works
  • The first stage is also known as the filtration stage for sediments in the water. It occurs in a filtration tank, which is relatively small and uses a five-micron media for filtering things like rust dust, silt, and sand. The small sediments are removed at this stage.

  • The second stage is known as the K.D.F. stage of filtration. The stage uses a filtration media of zinc or copper to remove all heavy metals and chlorine from water. The stage also ensures that the water is free of chlorine taste because the best water taste should be free of metals. All the weird smell in water caused by metals is removed at this stage. Most municipalities add chlorine to disinfect water, and the main thing that adds color or odor to drinking water is heavy metals.

  • The third stage is the coconut shell carbon stage of filtration. The contaminants in water like fertilizer, insecticide, herbicide, or V.O.C.s, and other chemicals are removed at this stage.

  • The fourth stage is the flex bed stage of filtration. At this stage, there is an increase in contact time to remove all residual chlorine channels from the water. At this stage, water becomes polished and free of bad taste and foul odors.

Features and Details

This water filter can filter up to one million gallons of water in ten years. All the user has to do is replace the tank's filtration media after every ten years or generally, after one million gallons of water has been filtered. It's the maintenance practice required in this filter and this cuts on costs of replacing or buying a new filter. You should also change the pre-filter or sediment filter every six to nine months, considering the house's water quality and usage.

The Flow Rate

Considering the usage of water, you can choose from 3 types of models. Flow rates are discussed below with the complete washrooms in a house.

  • Model #0948

This model relates to a house with one to three washrooms. The flow rate is nine gallons per minute.

The tank's width is nine inches, and the height is fourth eight inches.

  • Model #1054

In this model, the washrooms in a house are four to six, and the flow rate is twelve gallons each minute.

Here the tank width is ten inches, and the height is fifty-four inches.

  • Model #1354

In this model, the washrooms are more than seven, and the flow rate is twenty gallons every minute. The tank width is thirteen inches, and the height is fifty-four inches.

Some heavy models have more significant tank heights and widths—this helps a flow rate and high power. Springwell Water Whole House Water Filter system ensures that each washroom has a reasonable water flow rate for the best shower experience. Nobody loves a house with an inadequate flow of water, especially in the washroom area. These full flow rates make working in the kitchen more accessible and convenient.

Technical information about Springwell Water Whole House Water Filter System

All these variants handle the pressure of up to 25 to 80 and operate at a temperature of thirty-six to 120°F. The first two models have a connection size of an inch while the last model has up to 1.5 inches. This helps in the generation of enhanced flow rates.


Springwell Water Whole House Water Filter System has a simple installation process, and you don't need technical expertise to install it at home. Many users install it the D.I.Y. way, and all it takes is basic knowledge in piling and plumbing. There are specific tools needed for the system's installation, and they come with the system in a box. The box contains these tools:

  • O rings

  • A pre-filter housing

  • Sediment filter, i.e., five-micron filter

  • A mounting bracket

  • A spanner wrench

  • A bypass valve

  • Fittings of an inch (MNPT)

You can also access an installation guide online, and videos are available explaining the Springwell filtration system's installation process at home.

Warranty Information

Just like all new equipment comes with a warranty, this is not an exception. The Springwell filtration system has a lifetime warranty on its fittings, tanks, filtration media in and out heads, etc.

All these are covered for workmanship and materials under regular use, but the warranty is not valid in several cases. These include modification, system abuse, and mishandling of the system. When buying this system, you should consider the warranty feature because it gives users value for money, and you will attain peace of mind. Knowing that your system is covered is a good thing because you can always return it to the seller in case of any issues or breakdowns.

You can also tell that a seller is among the best sellers if customers get value for money. The primary way of analyzing if customers get value for money is by accessing the warranty.


  • The whole house will have a natural taste in the water taps. This gives you some luxury because there is no joy in drinking tasteless water or water full of funny odors. This system is suitable for providing you with the best taste in water.

  • ​You gain soft skin when you shower with the best water free of chemicals and odor. The filtration system ensures that all water taps are filled with the cleanest water; hence showering without worrying about your or skin is guaranteed. You may have seen people with skin issues or hair damage after bathing with unfiltered water. That's why you should install this system in your house for the best skin and hair!

  • ​You will enjoy tasty meals at home with the Springwell filtration system. The type of water used to cook food determines the taste of the water. When you cook food with salty water, the flavor will also be worse.

  • You will get a high flow rate when you use this system; hence you can enjoy your shower peacefully. The worst bathing experiences occur due to low flow rates of water.

  • The system has the best filtration capacity; hence you are guaranteed clean water.

  • You can use this filtration system with U.V. purification systems

  • The best benefit of the Springwell filtration system is that it offers users a lifetime warranty. This means that the water filtration system is made with the best features and the chances of breakdown are minimal.


With the Springwell whole house filtration system for water, your water problems will come to an end. Springwell has always been a leading producer of filtration systems, and urban residents should try these products. That way, you will say goodbye to the water problems in your house and eliminate odor and horrible water taste. All you should do is install this system keeping in mind the earlier, the better!

After installing the system, remember to replace the pre-filter every six to nine months. The results of this system will amaze you, and you will get value for your money. Durability is guaranteed in this system, and so is reliability.

A durable product can serve you for the longest time possible, and reliability is guaranteed whenever a product is long-lasting. The product is rated at 9.6! Meaning that it's the best in the market

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