5 Best Water Filter Pitchers [2021]: Reviews & Buying Guide

Updated: Jun 16

Water filtration systems are expensive. Why not switch to the better and cheaper option of a water filter pitcher? The water filter pitchers we have listed are the most convenient, efficient, and pocket-friendly filters you will find in the market. ​ They are suitable for both homes and offices since they are portable and require minimal storage space. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit every customer's preference. With a water filter pitcher, you don't have to worry about installation costs since they are ready for use.

#1 Clearly Filtered Water Filter Pitcher

• It can filter up to 100 gallons of water before replacing • Removes toxic chemicals and pharmaceutical drugs from water • Lifetime warranty • 100% recyclable

When you speak of modern and classy, this water filter pitcher is the best there is. It eliminates over 230 pollutants in water, such as lead and fluoride. Moreover, it preserves healthy minerals and restores the great natural taste of the water.

It will accommodate up to 100 gallons before replacement, and after filtration, it produces eight glasses of water. The water pitcher is FDA approved and BPA free. Best yet, it has a lifetime warranty!

#2 Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher

• Easy to use

• Lifetime warranty

• Each filter can produce up to 150 gallons of fresh and safe water

• Removes odor from the water

• Keeps calcium and magnesium in the water

• 100% recyclable

This is a high-quality water filter pitcher that is FDA approved and BPA free. Unlike most water filter pitchers, the Aquagear filter removes contaminants in five critical and high efficient steps.

The process ensures harmful compounds such as mercury, fluoride, and arsenic. It retains healthy minerals like calcium and magnesium. It has triple capacity filters and can filter up to 150 gallons before replacement.

#3 Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher

• 100% recyclable

• It's unique design saves on space

• Meets NSF 42 and 53 standards for contaminants removal

• Can filter up to 150 gallons before replacing

• Has a no-spill spout

The name says it all. This water filter pitcher is simply epic! It is great for both indoor and outdoor use, giving you some wiggle room and versatility. It can hold up to 3.5litres and is FDA approved and BPA free. The filter has five stages and meets 42 and 53 NSF standards for the removal of contaminants.

The unique aspect is that it eliminates chemical toxins and heavy metals, pesticides, and herbicides. However, calcium and magnesium are retained. You don't have to worry about spills since it's equipped with an easy-fill top spout.

#4 Brita Large 10 Cup Water Filter Pitcher

• Easy to clean, pour, and refill

• The taste of water is improved and odors removed

• It is eco-friendly since it eliminates the use of plastic bottles for water storage

The Brita Large10 cup is big. It can hold a capacity of ten cups and is made of high-quality plastic. The water filter pitcher has an advanced filter technology that produces sparkling clean water. Some of the contaminants it removes are zinc, copper, chlorine, and mercury.

It also eliminates bad odor from water. Its large size comes in handy with a long filter shelf life, as it can filter 40 gallons before replacement. It is equipped with an indicator to notify you when to replace your filter. It has a standard lid and a handle, which makes it easier to refill and pour. A downside is that it has a 30-day limited warranty, and this is far less than for most water filter pitchers.

#5 AquaBliss 10-Cup Water Filter Pitcher

• Easily filled without removing the lid

• Filters up to 80 gallons of water before replacement

• Can provide 10 cups of filtered water at a time

• Removes chemical contaminants, sediments, and other pollutants from water

• Enhances the taste of water and removes bad odor

Aquabliss 10cup water filter pitcher has the sleekest design among these five water filter pitchers. It can carry up to 10 cups at a time and is made of environmentally friendly materials. It has a fast system of filtration with ease of use.

The pitcher removes bad odors, mercury, zinc, sediments, and VOCs from water. The filters are very long-lasting and can filter 80 gallons of water before it needs to be replaced. The filter has a money-back guarantee and a year's warranty.

Water Filter Pitchers Buying Guide

House water filtration systems can be expensive and incompatible with most people's needs. A water filter pitcher is more practical for most uses. Investing in a water filter is necessary to ensure your health is maintained by drinking clean water.

Water filter pitchers come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Not only do they remove impurities from water, but they restore great natural taste. The standard model of a water filter pitcher consists of a container, filter, and lid. The capacity is different for different manufacturers and types. The prices are determined by the features and quality of the water filter pitcher. There are two types of filters for water filter pitchers: activated carbon filters and cartridge filters. They are explained in greater detail below.

Activated Carbon Filter

Activated carbon filters utilize the natural process of adsorption. This is a process in which the filter retains particles and dissolved solids. Carbon filters have activated charcoal, which removes inorganic contaminants from water. When you pour water in the filter, the carbon absorbs the ions of the contaminants. However, the water filters require regular changes since carbon absorbs excess contaminants.

Cartridge Water Filters

Cartridge water filters are more effective than activated carbon filters. They remove contaminants in water and maintain its quality. The water goes through seven stages. The process enhances the taste, adds nutritional value, and overall gives you high-quality clean water.

The filters have several layers of filtering material to ensure all contaminants are absorbed. Unlike carbon filter, the cartridge filter can even remove viruses and small particles. One cartridge filter can remove viruses from up to 19000 liters of water.

Most of the purifiers we have listed here improve both the taste of your water and removes contaminants. The real question is, should you retain your current model or get a more expensive model? The best solution is to get what works best for you, rather than just looking at the cost. Even if a model is costly but serves your needs, it's worth the investment.

Factors To Consider When Buying The Best Water Filter Pitcher

  • Contaminants: Find out which impurities your tap water contains, then look for a water filter pitcher that can remove those impurities. Look out for those with NSF/ANSI certifications.

  • Jug Material and size: Most of the water filter pitcher jugs are made of plastic. However, not all of these plastics are of high quality. Poor quality plastic is harmful as its chemicals may dissolve in drinking water. BPA free plastics are the best and safest.

Filter Lifespan

Different types of water filter pitchers have different lifespans. Some filters can filter as little as 40 gallons, while others can filter 150 gallons. The lifespan ranges from two to six months.

It is better to invest in a water filter pitcher with a longer lifespan to avoid the hustle of replacements. Also, pick a filter pitcher that has easy and clear instructions on how to replace a filter. If you buy in person from a store, you can request a demonstration.

Ease of Use and Cleaning

  • Everybody wants to make their life easier. When it comes to a water filter pitcher, choose one that is easy to use and clean.

  • Easy clean and fill jugs are the best. Some pitchers have advanced features where you don't have to open the jug to fill it.

  • Ensure the filter is tight-fitting to avoid leakages and ensure all the water that goes in is well filtered. Simple designs offer easy cleaning solutions.

  • The pitcher jug should be cleaned at least once a week; therefore, it's good to have an easy process.

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