5 Best 5-Gallon Water Dispensers [2021]: Reviews

Updated: May 27

There are many uses of water in the human body. Technically, the largest part of the human body is water; hence people say water is life. Per day it's advisable to take at least eight glasses of water. Accessing the water from a water dispenser is among the latest technologies; hence you shouldn't be left out.

Read on to learn about the best gallon water dispensers in the market. The most useful way to access clean and pure drinking water is from 5-Gallon water cans. This is because of their weight, capacity, and ease of handling. To access water, one lifts the can and carefully loads it on the dispenser to avoid spillage or the can falling.

It is no doubt water dispensers are the most convenient way to draw water from gallon water bottles. A modification where attachable faucets and a stand is used with the water gallon is relatively inexpensive but is prone to leakages and malfunctioning.

This article will highlight various types of dispensers available in the market for you to purchase and a shopping guide for the customer. This makes your shopping experience more manageable, and there are several features you need to look out for when buying. All these factors are explained in detail below.

In the market, we have the option of a cooling dispenser and a simple water dispenser.

A cooling dispenser can instantly supply 8-10 glasses of cold water; hence it is very convenient when you need such a capacity at a go. When the power button is switched on, the dispenser will give hot water, which you will easily make your beverage within a short time.

This dispenser is applicable in the office, kitchen, living room, or in restaurants to serve both hot and cold water based on the need. Standing dispensers occupy some space, and there are the tabletop/ countermodels. The electricity consumption of the cooling dispensers is dependent on the usage.

Dispensing water from the gallon, water bottle pumps use charged electric power. This model requires the user to load the water gallon and consume negligible electricity units, hence lowering costs. They take up lesser space since it is positioned over the water can. It is charged using a USB. These are suitable for people who prefer drinking water at room temperature. Everyone has a different taste when it comes to water, some like warm water, others cold, and some people love boiling water.

A top-loading countertop water dispenser has a simple faucet to dispense water and occupies lesser space since the water can is loaded on top of the dispenser. It lacks the heating and cooling option hence no power consumption.

The five best gallon water dispensers are as described below:

#1 PUDHOMS 5 Gallon Water Dispenser

This brand is made using BPA-free materials, thus eliminating the possibility of contamination. Water from this dispenser is free from odors and the plastic taste. It is a flexible kind and can work with 2-5-gallon bottle capacities.

The dispenser package comes with the USB charging cables and the user manual with a blue light indicating the appliance is in working condition and red light, meaning that the dispenser is in charging mode.

When fully charged, it can dispense 30 gallons and work with as many water bottles as those adding up to the 30 gallons. When idle, the dispenser automatically turns off to save power. That’s a feature that helps in environmental conservation.

Our opinion and judgment are that it is an excellent water pump with good customer reviews and ratings. It is well compatible with 5.5-centimeter bottles with a cap.

#2 Quiet Water Bottle Pump

This is an excellent product from the Hydrate pump. As the name suggests, the manufacture of this product considers the reduction of pump sound levels. The noise levels range between 20-40 DB noise, which is 20% less than the market models.

The brand is made using BPA-free materials, thus eliminating contamination and plastic odors in the water. To ensure the melting of the battery and overheating, the brand is equipped with 2-way battery protection. This ensures the durability of the commodity, and thus you get measurable value for your money. It has a leakage protection mechanism fitted with silicon rings, locking apertures to ensure the pump's proper locking and bottle. It uses the USB charging mode.

Our opinion and judgment are that it is an efficient and effective appliance to use, considering it has a warranty and is leakage-free, and its a proper locking mechanism.

#3 Top Road USB Charging Universal Electric Water Dispenser

This model is the perfect combination of working efficiency as well as the aesthetic component. Just like the previously discussed models, it is made of BPA-free material, thus free from odors and contamination. It is made of stainless steel and has a USB port on the backside. It has a battery capacity of 1200mAh. To dispense the water, you need to touch the one specified button.

Our opinion and take on this brand are that given the fact that it offers a lifetime warranty and has an appealing design, it is a brand to choose definitely.

#4 hOmeLabs Bottom Filling Dispenser for 3 or 5 Gallon Bottles

This brand gives you the option of hot, cold, or room temperature drinking water, and it runs on electric power. The water can is usually at the bottom; hence it eliminates the lifting process and reduces wastage due to spillages.

The middle of the dispenser has a faucet from where the water is drawn. The dispenser has an appealing design with a stainless-steel door. It has a touch control panel with a night light and alerts you when changing the bottle. It has a child-lock feature; hence kids are safe from accidental burns.

All the switch controls for both hot and cold water are located on the appliance’s backside. However, this brand has no provision for temperature variation.

Our opinion and take are that it is a brand to purchase given the desirable outlook, the warranty terms, and the touch control panel.

#5 Vitapur VWD2236W

In case you were looking for an economical appliance that assures efficiency, then this is the brand for you. It is the perfect combination of aesthetic and working efficiency. The device dispenses both hot and cold water and consists of taps of good quality material; thus, there is no odor or contamination of the drinking water. It works well with 3- and 5-gallon water, and it does not incur high electricity expenses as the energy consumption is minimal.

In our opinion and judgment, this is a dispenser that will, without doubt, serve you satisfactorily in public places such as hospitals, schools, and banks.


Kindly note that the brands outlined in this article are what we considered best for you as a buyer. Depending on the dispenser's purpose and needs, you can comfortably purchase a dispenser that best suits you. All dispensers described above are meant for dispensing water only and no other liquids.

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