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5 Ways to make Alkaline Water and its Benefits [2021]

Water is universally known to be essential for our health. We all know keeping hydrated is important, but did you know that alkaline water has more benefits for your health? Alkaline is part of the PH scale, which consists of the higher numbers of 8 to 14. Alkaline water is water whose PH is above 7, mostly 8 and 9.

This article will discuss how to make alkaline water, its benefits, and its side effects. Alkaline water is expensive, and what better way to save money than make your own in the comfort of your home? You need to know about the side effects because you risk experiencing them only if you drink excess alkaline water.

Everything is harmful if consumed in excessive quantities. Even plain water can affect your health if taken in excess. Alkaline water's PH is above neutral (7). If you increase water's PH, you are making it alkaline.

5 Ways of Making Alkaline Water - Below are some simple ways you can make your water alkaline.

1. Water Ionizers

It is the most effective way of making water alkaline. What is a water ionizer? It is an electric machine that is used to increase the Ph of drinking water. A water ionizer has a similar working mechanism as an alkaline water filter. The ionizer is attached to a kitchen faucet, and you drink from your tap. You are probably wondering, how does it work?

A water ionizer utilizes the electrolysis process. This is a process that uses electricity to separate acidic and alkaline compounds in water. Electrolysis allows you to change your water's PH. A water ionizer is a bit pricey but a worthy investment.

In the long run, installing a water ionizer is cheaper than buying alkaline water. A water ionizer is the best way to make alkaline water at home. However, below are other relatively cheaper options that also work.

2. Ionized Water Filters

They are the most commonly available water filters for alkaline water. You can easily order online or find one at a corner store. When compared to an ionizing water machine, an ionized water filter is much cheaper. This is how they work; you add minerals to water, which raises the water PH. Ionized water filters require filter replacement from time to time. How often you replace the filters will depend on the gallons of water you filter and how acidic the water is. Water filtration systems and alkaline filter pitchers can be used.

3. Baking Soda

Baking soda is a cheap and basic household commodity. Adding baking soda to drinking water will make it alkaline. As little as half a tablespoon of baking soda added to a gallon of water will work the magic. It is a very easy formula to increase the PH of your water to make it alkaline.

4. PH Drops

PH drops are commercially sold in local stores. They have labeling instructions on the number of drops to use for a specific amount of water. Just add the PH drops at the water source to increase its alkalinity.

5. Lemon Juice

Yes, you read that right. Lemon juice is acidic but will have a reverse effect on your body. When you add lemon to your drinking water, you increase its acidity. However, when you drink lemon water, your body reacts the same way it would if you drunk alkaline water.

Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water for your Health


Both plain and alkaline water will keep you hydrated. However, alkaline water has more health benefits than plain water. Alkaline water not only keeps you hydrated but gives you energy. It is very suitable for people who often work out and need to keep hydrated.

Alkaline water has smaller molecules than regular water. Smaller molecules are more easily absorbed in the body; therefore, you re-hydrate faster. Good hydration ensures vital body organs are supplied with enough water to perform their functions well.

Skin and Hair Benefits

Alkaline water has visible benefits to your skin and hair. Your skin glows, and your hair grows faster and has less dandruff. Your skin will have a natural feel and healthy shine.

Weight Loss

For those struggling with weight loss issues, alkaline water may be your salvation. Not only will it help your digestive system, but it will also improve your metabolism, which is essential in losing weight.


Alkaline water has the same effect as an anti-aging cream. You can save money by drinking alkaline water instead of buying anti-aging creams. Furthermore, you will be improving your health.


If you are prone to suffering constipation, alkaline water can save your situation. It softens your stool and makes digestion easier.

Prevents Cancer

Free radicals in the body may cause Cancer. Alkaline water kills such radicals. However, research is still ongoing on this benefit.


When acidic toxins accumulate in the body, it causes detoxification. Alkaline water detoxifies the blood by removing the toxins. It also balances the PH of blood.

Immunity Boost

Alkaline water boosts your immunity. It increases the body's defense against toxic substances. This is achieved by maintaining a balance in the PH of the immune system.

Protects the body against free radicals

If you can recall your chemistry class, free radicals are defined as atoms with an unpaired electron. This means the atoms are moving freely in the body, searching for atoms to pair with inside the body. Such radicals are dangerous as they can damage the DNA. This would lead to problems such as wrinkles and even serious medical conditions like Cancer. The best way to get rid of radicals is to build up antioxidants.

Contains calcium and magnesium

These are important healthy minerals that strengthen bones.

Contains potent antioxidants

The antioxidants inhibit the growth of dangerous radicals, which damage cells and cause aging.

Neutralize acidity in the body

Alkaline water lowers excess acid in the stomach and gastrointestinal tract. Drinking alkaline water balances the PH of the body.

It helps reduce reflux problems

If you constantly experience heartburn and indigestion, just thinking of spicy food puts you in pain. However, according to a previous study, pairing a Mediterranean diet with alkaline water can put you out of your misery. The most common reflux it eases is laryngopharyngeal reflux. Alkaline water can be as effective as medication for this reflux.

Side Effects of Alkaline Water

Generally, excessive consumption of things has consequences in the human body. Below are the side effects of drinking excessive alkaline water.


Excessive alkaline water affects your stomach acids and can cause some enzymes to stop working, which causes digestive problems. You may be constipated and vomit as a result. If you experience such symptoms when you begin drinking alkaline water, reduce the quantity you consume. If it persists, consult a doctor.

Muscle Pain and twitching

Excessive consumption of alkaline water can disrupt your body's PH levels. This may lead to fatigue, muscle pain, and general body pain. Muscle twitching can be caused by the body's PH being thrown out of balance. This condition is known as metabolic alkalosis. It is exhibited through muscle twitching and vomiting. If you experience such symptoms, consult a doctor immediately.

Skin and Hair Problems

Excess alkaline water will cause your skin to dry, chap, and become flaky. It also removes the healthy minerals in the hair, leaving it with an unhealthy look.

Affects stomach acid

Excessive amounts of alkaline water can trigger hypochlorhydria. It is a deficiency of hydrochloric acid in the stomach. This affects your digestive system's functioning since it cannot digest food properly or kill harmful bacteria.



The benefits of drinking alkaline water outweigh the disadvantages. However, if you have a medical condition or are pregnant, consult a doctor before taking the water.

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