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Water Filter Pitchers for Well Water


Let’s say good-bye to those expensive water filtration systems. Start investing in water filter pitchers instead which are far more convenient. These water filter pitchers are self-sufficient. This makes them suitable for households and offices. They are easy to carry and store as well. They are responsible for producing clean drinking water and come in different shapes and sizes. This guide will help you identify what model serves your needs best and is worth buying.

Water purifier systems have been rather too fancy to buy. It is because of this that these water purifier pitchers are an inexpensive option. They can be used instantly without having to worry about installation. Features such as filter life, overall design and the types of contaminants they remove should be looked for as well.

These water filter pitchers come in different styles and offer a diverse range of options. When going through the review ask yourself a few questions. Would you like your water to taste and smell better or removing contaminants is more important? Are you willing to compromise quality over cost? Questions like these will help you identify your needs and areas of interest. This, in turn, will help you make a more effective decision.

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Best Water Filter Pitchers for Well Water

Posted on Sept 29



#1 Clearly Filtered Water Filter Pitcher

  • Passed the NSF standards 42, 53, and 401 for contaminant reduction

  • Each filter can purify 100 gallons of water

  • Removes Lead, Fluoride, Mercury, Chlorine, Chromium 6, Chloramines, Arsenic, and even pharmaceutical drugs

  • Lifetime guarantee

  • 100% recyclable

  • Sometimes the water leaks out

  • Instructions are not clear

This Clearly Filtered water filter pitcher has a modern design. It is an FDA-approved product made up of BPA-free plastic.

Its advanced water filtration system removes more than 230 contaminants from your tap water. These contaminants include fluoride, lead, PFOA/PFAS, and more. But the filter keeps essential minerals in water for great taste and health.

It can accommodate up to 8 cups of filtered water. And the filter can filter up to 100 gallons of water before the replacement need. But the filtration capacity may vary depending on the quality of water you are getting.

Its weight 2.95 pounds and it offers a lifetime warranty.

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